GOD BEYOND DOUBT: An Essay in The Philosophy of Religion by Geddes MacGregor

GOD BEYOND DOUBT: An Essay in The Philosophy of Religion

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Unperturbed by the current accusation that a ""philosophy of religion"" is impossible, and by the alarms raised by the ""God is dead"" theological morticians, Professor MacGregor undertakes to construct a broadly based structure of a philosophy of religion which will do justice both to the metaphysical problems attending the concept of God, and to human experience in the modern world. The basis of metaphysics, he believes, is to be found in experience, rather than in the rationalistic approaches favored heretofore. The ""multi-dimensionality"" of human experience gives entry to the resources of many disciplines into man's attempt to conceive of God. The book is informed, therefore, by insights and data drawn from a wide range of thought, psychological, sociological, and artistic. Most of the issues now being raised by Bishop Robinson, the ""God Is No More"" writers, and others, have their roots in the long history of human thought and experience, and should be seen in this perspective. For the philosophically inclined.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1966
Publisher: Lippincott