MY STORY by Gemma La Guardia Gluck


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In a flat, journalistic style, but with an obvious sense of ""mission and message"", the 80-year-old sister of the late Fiorello LaGuardia tells the story of her harrowing experiences in Ravensbruck during World War II. Married to a Yugoslavian Jew, Mrs. Gluck was arrested in Budapest by S.S. officers in June, 1944, the day after an article appeared in Budapest's leading Nazi newspaper with the headline, ""How Can the Hungarians Permit the Sister of Mayor LaGuardia, Hitler's Greatest Enemy, to Live in Budapest?"". In May, 1947, with the aid of her famous brother, Mrs. Gluck, her daughter and grandson came to the United States, having learned that both her husband and her daughter's husband had lost their lives at Matthausen. The bulk of her story takes place between these two dates, as Mrs. Gluck describes the ordinary and extra-ordinary events of her life as one of 40,000 inmates at Ravensbruck. Certainly, this is a brave story, like those of so many others....

Publisher: David McKay