I WALKED WITH HEROES by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo


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These are autobiographical reminiscences from a rich life of a man who considers that his greatest honor was the Freedom Award. He can also list a long line of achievements and titles, among them the Presidency of the United Nations General Assembly, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Philippines, etc. From his boyhood on, he has been dedicated to giving his beloved country its place in the comity of nations. He was a child when he won his first assignment in journalism, and he rose to its highest peak and never hesitated to use its power and prestige for what he saw as the right. Always- a heritage from his grandparents and his parents- the freedom of the Philippines was his ultimate goal. He had successive chances to serve in a political capacity at home; almost invariably he saw his duty in the wider range of world diplomacy, and thanks to his efforts won the fight in Congress for fair trade and a measure of support the Philippines would not have had otherwise. In the early bitter days of defeat, he was the last man off Bataan. For 3(apple) years he did not know the fate of his wife and sons, shielded by guerrillas in the jungles. He has written a book that is more an autobiography of his psychological growth than a record of events; more a study of the slow progress of his country to sovereignty than a historical record. These other things he has recorded in earlier books. There is much here to prick the conscience of this country, as he reviews the paucity and reluctance of aid to a people who had fought and sacrificed everything at the side of the Americans compared with the outflow of aid to enemies who had destroyed our sons. In spite of this- and largely through the U.N., he feels the cause of freedom has been forwarded, the recognition of the equality of man, regardless of race and color advanced, the world stronger in support of the right. He is not hesitant in claiming that one small man from one small country has accomplished his share to these ends.

ISBN: 0548443092
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston