THE MAN WHO STAYED IN TEXAS: The Life of Rabbi Henry Cohen by

THE MAN WHO STAYED IN TEXAS: The Life of Rabbi Henry Cohen

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The Readers Digest article on this famous Texas Rabbi stimulated enough interest outside his own part of the world to insure some general interest in this colorful figure. His life has been an inspiring one, from his childhood in England, his rabbinical training and experiences in London slums, through the steps which brought him to Galveston, where he has now been for 52 years. Travelled in Africa, then after his ordination went to an orthodox congregation in Kingston, Jamaica, and from there to a reformed group in Mississippi, where he spent three years. But it is in Texas that he has served a lifetime as a great humanitarian, a great citizen, a great teacher and preacher. He worked closely with Roman Catholics and Protestants; people in all sorts of trouble came to him, regardless of creed; he contributed time and effort to immigration problems following the Russia pogroms, he became a vital figure in the state. The book is somewhat amateurish and lacking the vitality the subject deserves.

Publisher: Whittlesey