THE SAGA OF PAPPY GUNN by Gen. George C. Kenney


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An affectionate biography of an almost legendary Air Force hero, the late Colonel Paul Irving (""Pappy"") Gunn. Col. Gunn was one of those almost congenitally fated warriors; he was ""born to fly."" And in 1918 he enlisted, at the age of seventeen, in the Naval Air Force. Retired twenty years after, he rejoined the Air Force in 1941, right after Pearl Harbor. In 1957 he died in a freak plane crash in the Philippines. During his much-traveled and colorful lifetime, he experienced a great many adventures, some numerous, some sad, some incredible--and he told them all as if they were ""tall stories,"" embellishing them always with his irony and his good humor and his native wit. Trainees and officers alike came to revere him in his own lifetime for his success at smashing through red tape and stultified traditions. General Kenney writes of his vivid days and nights with engaging wit and unashamed hero-worship. Over and over he implies that this Pappy Gunn was quite a guy. And after a wild adventure or two, you believe him! Should well for the military-minded, both in and out of service.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1959
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce