DESIGN FOR SURVIVAL by Gen. Thomas S. Power


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What's in a name? General Power, until recently the Commander in Chief of the Strategic Air Command, and in that position in control of the defense of millions, was and still is one of the foremost advocates of the policy of massive deterrence. This is the second version of his book; the first was ""banned"" (his quotes) by the Secretary of Defense in 1959. Believing in ""effective control of the military by civilian authories,"" he waited until his retirement from the Air Force to try again. There are no new facts or arguments here, only a rather leisurely statement of the General's point of view than he has been making in his speeches for some time, as he discusses such subjects as the test ban treaty, the ""one-world syndrome,"" nuclear deterrence, the myth of overkill. The style, however, is on a slightly higher tone, perhaps attributable to Albert A. Arnhym, who comes in for second credits on the title page. The opening, with excerpts from the Gospel of St. Luke and Longfellow, is impressive also. With its history of suppression, the author's pre-eminence and the publisher's backing, this book will receive across-the-board attention.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1965
Publisher: Coward-McCann