FOOD POLLUTION: The Violation of Our Inner Ecology by Gene and Judith Van Allen Marine

FOOD POLLUTION: The Violation of Our Inner Ecology

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Hot dogs have hormones in them, ice cream emulsifiers, bread bleaches, nearly everything has artificial flavors and none of it is good for you, according to Gene Marine and his wife. Most of this isn't new, since the dangers of food additives have been widely publicized. This contribution to the consumer crusade puts all the glop in our food together and it makes for pretty gruesome reading. Additives can result in cancer, birth defects, or just slow poisoning. Some of the most dangerous additives and insecticides get there by accident and can't be removed. The villains behind the consumer's plight in this case are food manufacturers in search of greater profits and FDA officials who are more concerned with protecting the manufacturers from the public than vice versa. Marine and Van Allen are far better at explaining the problem than in giving solutions. The best they can suggest is boycotting your supermarket and growing your own.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1971
Publisher: Holt Rinehart and Winston