CRUCIFIXION: Group Encounter Defiled by Gene & Conrad D. Carnes Church

CRUCIFIXION: Group Encounter Defiled

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Encounter in an abattoir? Gene Church (Carnes is a lawyer) was one of the participants recruited, with an extra twist of the arm, to take a four-day marathon with the Leadership Dynamics Institute which is run in conjunction with a company called Holiday Magic (an Avon competitor) -- both owned by William Penn Patrick, one of Nixon's ""sometime goodwill ambassadors."" The lucky LDI entrants are able to pay one thousand dollars to join these ""opportunity meetings"" where they're stripped, beaten constantly, pissed on, sealed up in a coffin and where they listen to endless obscenities (""Beat the shit out of him""). This all took (we presume it has come to an end) place in a Pale Alto motel -- Melvin Belli has settled the suit of one of the members out of court; another is pending trial. Needless to say all of these peak moments deserve the documentation they've been given here even at the expense of the reader who can only be revolted. (It is slapdashedly written with no extension beyond this particular caucus.)

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1972
Publisher: Outerbridge & Lazard