PROJECT X: The Search for the Secrets of Immortality by Gene Savoy

PROJECT X: The Search for the Secrets of Immortality

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This book begins with a disclaimer issued jointly by the author and the publisher for any harm that may derive from ""the indiscriminate use, application, or misuse. . . of the techniques described in the following pages."" But is it possible that anyone will take what follows seriously? Building his fantasies around solar energy, Savoy begins where Ponce de Leon left off and, ""stress[ing] advanced metaphysical and philosophical concepts,"" searches for immortality. He contemptuously dismisses ""so-called scientists"" and ""so-called scholars""--Darwin, for instance, was ""way off the mark"" in The Origin of the Species because his theory of evolution, ""with its stress on the idea that natural causes are responsible for natural phenomena,"" failed utterly to anticipate Savoy's discovery that ""death is only relative."" And what would it mean if Savoy were to have died: ""it wouldn't necessarily have meant I, as an individual, had died. I simply would have vacated the body to another dimension of space and time."" His ""adoring assistant,"" ""as beautiful as she was efficient,"" serves the Dr. Watson role and dutifully asks, ""Then you don't believe we die with the loss of the physical body?"" Of course not. After all, Savoy has already transcended ""to a higher level of reality,"" to an ""ultra-dimensional world"" with a ""fifth dimension,"" where matter and antimatter unite and ""one could become extraterrestrial."" Dr. Watson: ""You were in two worlds or sets of dimensions at the same time?"" Savoy: ""That's right."" And Dr. Watson exclaims, ""Incredible. Who would believe it?"" Indeed, who?

Pub Date: June 30th, 1977
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill