AUTOBIOGRAPHY by General Issac Wistar


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One of our clients writes; ""Here is an item of plus business, which may escape general attention. This isn't just a local item, it's a real find in the field of exciting Americana, with a coast to coast interest. It is a natural and anyone who reads it can get worked up about selling it. I've never had a book so easy to sell... Wistar was a member of an old Philadelphia family, and the gold rush took him to California in '49. His description of the trip is vivid, exciting. Once there he tried his hand at mining, trapping, ranching, finally law. That career in the Vigilante days was as exciting as Indian fighting. Interludes of sea trips, shipwreck, mutiny, fights. He came east in time to play his part in the Civil War. The post-war period of reconstruction made him a business adventurer in road building, canals, coal lands. He died in 1905, specifying that the book not be published for 25 years. An edition was issued for the family in 1914, and copies have sold as high as $175. The present trade edition is the first public issue."" This is a brief of his enthusiastic endorsement. Go to it! The Wistar Institute allows one third trade discount.

Publisher: Wistar Institute Univ. of Penna.