TOURNAMENT POLO by General Sir Deauvois De Lisle


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Polo, the rich man's sport, has become so popular that the P.W.A. is building fields for municipal teams! This means you'll have to get up on your polo stock and be able to advise the proper titles for different needs. The subject of this book will be of great interest to all young players who desire to improve their game and reduce their personal handicap rating. General De Lisle after half a century of polo in India and England is competent to give advice and constructive criticism on every phase of the game, teamwork, horsemanship, care and management of ponies, mallet work and the application of thoughtful generalship. By his careful discussion of tournament play his comments will interest high-goal players as well as beginners. However this fine diagnosis of team and position play should be of more value to the low-goal poloist. The clear reasoning with which he outlines his three main principles of play will be easily comprehended by the rankest novice. As he points out the last six chapters are for the beginner and those who take an active interest in the care and management of their own ponies, stables and equipment. Included in this are some excellent recommendations for proper biting and veterinary care of ponies in training and actual play. If you have polo teams near you, notify them of this book.

Publisher: Scribner