THE SEASONS OF LOVE by Genevieve Dormann


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Marianne, a young wife, charts the course of her affair with Thomas Sandier, an incalculable and inconstant charmer, from its beginning, and it is the not uncommon story of the sexual deadlock which leads to the expected-deadend. Its pattern is only too predictable; at the start, they can never be together often enough (Thomas too is married); soon familiarity breeds- and when Marianne is increasingly demanding, Thomas finds her ""cumbersome"" and disengages himself. Alone at the end (her husband Marc has died in an accidental shooting), Marianne looks forward bleakly to the day when ""Thomas will fall from the imperfect tense into the past definite""...Marianne keeps her distance from the emotions she records with fidelity and detachment and fastidious precision, but since she is really as heartless as Thomas, the reader too remains curiously uninvolved.

Pub Date: Aug. 10th, 1960
Publisher: Braziller