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Born in 1865 and brought up along the Dee, Wilfred was allowed great freedom in a happy, wealthy, intelligent family. His father ran a boarding school for six hundred boys, but sent this son to Mariborough, where he did brilliantly, but was only too happy to leave because of a bad cough, to visit for a winter in the South of France. His amazing curiosity led to knowledge of many things, as varied as boats and birds. Stirred by a local general practitioner at home, at eighteen, he set off for London to learn to be a doctor. Here in an evangelist tent the words of Moody fell on fertile ground, for young Grenfell decided to dedicate his life to helping others. He took boys from the slums off on summer trips, inspected estates for playgrounds and was sent to the North Sea to bring aid to the fishing fleet. From this experience, and because of his superb handling of boats, people and medicine, he was asked to go to report on conditions on the Labrador Coast. This, of course, became his home, here he brought his wife and here he gave so freely of his energy, wisdom and cheer. He must have had the most wonderful personality for all sorts and types wanted to work for him gratis. A great life, ably presented.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1942
ISBN: 1430496037
Publisher: Crowell