GHOST STORY by Genevieve Gray


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There's this old-timey house down by the warehouse district hasn't nobody lived in for a long time except Papa Ghost, Mama Ghost and a whole gang of little baby ghosts. Then along come bums and junkies who gross out the ghosts with their garbage and almost smoke them out with their washtub fires -- but with only second class flying permits the ghost family can't find a way to get out. All they can do is stage a haunt to scare off the intruders -- which works in a way as it attracts a gang of graduate students in psychic research whom the junkies mistake for narcs. Well, the junkies split and there's a real TV cartoon climax, with ghosts tooling in and out the door and graduate students caught in the middle spinning like tops, before spooks and students settle down together in the house, now declared ""University Property Psychic Research Lab."" More than a bit too cute and silly for our taste but those graphically represented moans and clatters and immediately visualized scenes might just summon viewers from that more alluring medium.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1975
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard