TEACH YOUR BABY by Genevieve Painter


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Working out of the University of Illinois, Dr. Painter conducted a research project which involved home-based learning experiences for babies under two years of age; her conclusions -- the ""tutored"" registered from 10 to 16 points higher in IQ than the control group -- and theoretical base are outlined in the introduction, but the bulk of the book presents the ""lesson plans"" used as a guide to parents and a study for educators. The lessons, systematized by area of focus and age characteristics, range from those for newborns (shifting position, singing, rocking, etc.) to a two-and-a-half-year-old program of tine and gross motor activity, speech, games, etc. The main value for parents, who might initially resent thinking IQ while tending the mite, lies in the enormous variety of things to do with tire baby, things he -- and you -- will enjoy, from sewing little bells on his booties to (why not?) ""smile and he will too. "" Some parents and educators may balk at the speech correction (baby words are dear to most) but this, if not followed too solemnly, is a stimulating reminder that there's a great deal going on under the bonnet.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1971
Publisher: Simon & Schuster