I WANT WHAT I WANT by Geoff Brown


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I want what I want...not what other people think I ought to want."" Roy Clark wants to be Wendy Ross. Ever since he was a child, he's been stealing his sister's clothes and dressing up in them. Now he's almost twenty-one, and in a mental hospital, where they can't do anything for him because it's his body which is wrong, not his mind. And he comes out and, with the money his mother has left him, has a chance to go away and live as Wendy and be ""brilliantly alive"" only to discover that he can't really live without love but his attempt to commit ""suicide while of unsound sex"" is a shuddering scene. Roy's illusion, or is it, leaves none for the reader in what is really an explicit extension of a case history; certainly, in Mr. Brown's instantaneous prose, it reads with a certain conviction which may not bear up to any retrospective consideration of the author's motives or the book's genuine values.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1967
Publisher: Putnam