NADINE by Geoffrey Bocca


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The lie, the cover-up, the phone-tapping, the scapegoat, there you have France from Dreyfus to Raoul Castel."" For a moment you might have thought you were somewhere else--actually this begins at the Cannes Film Festival where all the high and low life assemble--including film star Raoul, an ex-jailbird and a ""monster with a woman,"" and Nadine Barrat, also a star of sorts, retrieved from an Algerian brothel. They behave no better or worse than our own Liz and Dick but they are involved, if only by association, in the murder of Raoul's bodyguard, the killing of an Arab (much is made of barbouzes and pieds noirs and their other troubles) and finally blackmail. A said-to-be commercial novel distinguished by its gala vulgarity; but along with the expensive accessories like ""Pucci panties"" and a lilac Maserati, other graphic touches are less identifiable: ""his cheeks turned hollow and into an almost fetal quality.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam