WESTWARD THE SUN by Geoffrey Cotterell


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A first person account by Linda Ferrers, of her Mum, grandma and younger sister Ethel, takes them through the rocket siege of London, the influx of the Americans and imprints a solid period when she comes to the United States to marry Marcus Holman. Linda, dissatisfied with her job, unsure of her engagement to steady Syd, annoyed by her sister's response to the Yanks, ties up her romantic dreams with David Fernald, stands off Syd, chases around with several of the Yanks herself and high-hats Marcus. But with a chance to establish some sort of social relationship with Mrs. Fernald and being politely tipped by David -- she hares off into the faraway arms of Marcus, and, with an adventure or two in New York City, finds herself really melted by the reception of his family in Sebastian, Colorado. A lengthy cupper in the company of a self centered young miss shows a personal concern with class and social consciousness, a recognition of the inequalities and restrictions -- and jumps- first with doubt, finally with joy -- to a new solution. Much pleasanter, more feline than Strait and Narrow (1951).

Publisher: Lippincott