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While old Doc Crabtree is more concerned with deliveries than deliverance, not so Burton Collingsworth who comes to Arrive, Montana, as its high-principled new school principal and looks down his long nose to superintend just about everything else that's going on that shouldn't. Even if May, his wife, tries to soften him, Collingsworth has spent too much time reading Hawthorne and he's about to turn away Juliet, just sixteen, who has earned her way into school at the local fancy house and he does dismiss a teacher who's been engaging in ""an unnatural act."" But in the end Collingsworth who hasn't quite managed to escape his own biology is tragically hit and pays more than the full price of a reach which extended his grasp of humanity. . . . Some of the ornery to outspoken folks around Arrive will take the curse off Collingsworth's purityrannical righteousness. And while of a much more modest nature, there are still open spaces of truth and humor under that old Big Sky.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1971
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin