RED ANGER by Geoffrey Household
Kirkus Star


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After several lesser books, Household is back in form again in a modern Rogue Male, hedgehopping across the English countryside with the KGB and the CIA not far behind. This is about Adrian Gurney, a second-rate international, Rumanian by proxy, one of those faineant floaters who has never found himself--until he defects to England, stages his suicide, and finally assumes the identity of Willie. He then is recruited by a Mrs. Hilliard, a former Marxist who has become the Master of Hounds in Devon, to find her nephew Alwyn, said to have been paid off by the Russians to permit the escape of one of their agents. Both have disappeared. But Alwyn is still in England and determined to find out who really betrayed him, while Adrian becomes involved not only in his cause but also with his cousin Tessa. The participants are all attractive--particularly the indomitable Mrs. Hilliard and Adrian who represents a kind of chivalry we've learned to do without in an age of corrupt means justifying doubtful ends. The game is on and Household brightens it with resilience, flair and finesse.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1975
Publisher: Atlantic/Little, Brown