THE HIGH PLACE by Geoffrey Household


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Following more closely the recent Arabesque, rather than the earlier Rogue Male, this returns to the Middle East for a novel of some political-philosophical intent in which the drama is played out on an intellectual as well as physical plane. Eric Amberson, a salesman in Syria, is drawn into a communal colony of displaced persons through his attraction to Elisa Centemir, beautiful and fanatic. Believing that only a new war will bring permanent peace to the world through its destruction of the modern state, Elisa creates- from this refuge- a revolutionary group dedicated toward sabotage, and as Amberson is persuaded-through his love for Elisa into participation, he learns of their attempt to undermine the Paris Conference. Unable to go along with this, Amberson informs on Elisa, and although his detention is unknown, unadmitted at the time, the ultimate bloodshed forces his confession to Elisa and the loss of the woman he loves.... Against the subtlety, the secrecy of the East moves a strange cast of international exiles and anarchists, of distorted dedications and beliefs, which give this its exoticism- without the dramatic drive of the other book.

Publisher: Little, Brown (A.M.P.)