A GRUE OF ICE by Geoffrey Jenkins
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While not as overpowering as A Twist of Sand, this second story of a strange search in the Southern Ocean has much of the excitement and the excellence of the first book, and glaciers, fog and floating ice- that ""cold grue of terror""- provide a spectral background for the story it has to tell. Bruce Wetherby, Royal Society researcher and oceanographer, for more than 10 years on the trail of the Albatross Foot (a warm current believed to hold the Antarctic at bay) is also the only man alive who knows the whereabouts of a lost island, Thompson. Equally anxious tofind Thompson is Sir Frederick Upton, presumably for its value as a whaling breeding ground, but actually it holds a far more lethal lure and threat the world's most priceless space age metal. In the struggle to reach Thompson through a ""no man's land- no sailor's sea"" of slush and bergs, all are jeopardized; Upton, a madman, proves to be a singleminded and heartless killer as well; and the journey's end brings its ominous revelation and reprieve.... A taste for violence, and a flair for the fantastic, keeps this distinctive and men particularly will respond.

ISBN: 1440182019
Publisher: Viking