THE RIVER OF DIAMONDS by Geoffrey Jenkins


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This adventure carries the reader on a rising tide of suspense as a seabed diamond-mining operation runs up against malevolent natural forces bordering on the super-natural and encounters a mysterious ""collector of deserts"" -- Shelborne -- whose mystical communication with nature and obvious mental energy seems buried on Mercury Island, a guano-covered hell-hole. John Tregard, the young narrator, stumbles but never falls in his determination to solve the enigma of the island; its strange occupant and odd pheno-mena -- the ""Glory Hole"" and its secret, the death-dealing rattles ironically named ""The Bells of St. Mary's"" and the furtive smell of diamonds. Mr. Jenkins combines an imaginative flair for story-telling with scientific sense. And if the impact of the ending seeps away a bit with overly contrived coincidence, it is good Hollywood.

ISBN: 1440135223
Publisher: Viking