THE ITALIAN STORY by Geoffrey Trease


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With its waterbug style of hitting the highlights, this is as much of an introductory essay about the Italian character as a history per se, and it is divertingly written. In less than 300 pages, Mr. Trease touches on various scenes and incidents from the first tribes in prehistory, through the Caesars and into their decline, the proliferation of independent states, the establishment of Catholicism, the Crusades, the brilliance of the Quattrocento, the 250 years of subjugation to Spain and then Austria, the Napoleonic era, the Risorgimento, and finally down- or up- to Mussolini. It is an urbane, ironic, informal presentation which can serve as a gift-guide as well as an extended commentary for the more initiated reader or traveler. Caviar emptor!

Pub Date: May 21st, 1964
Publisher: anguard