RAGE ON THE BAR by Geoffrey Wagner


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Captain Teale, posted to Connaught, an island in the Caribbean, as the new A.D.C. for the Governor, is followed by the implications of his stay in a mental hospital and runs into the need to stand by his beliefs in justice for the natives who are beginning to threaten British rule. At odds with governmental imperialistic policy, involved with the Diehls, the practical owners of the island, Teals is loath to follow the retaliative measures that result from black manifestations, refuses to join a lynching party, refuses to inflict the drastic punishments demanded and, even though he sees evidences of the terroristic methods of the local blood brotherhood, tries to argue that, through the ""wogs"" who are not among the attackers, white and black can find peaceful means to argue their differences, and find ways to gradualist reform. Flayed in his affair with man-eating Leone Diehl, betrayed by her when with-standing an attack on her house, and in possession of information against the governor's right hand man, Teale is ready to return to England, positive rather than negative in his thinking about his country's colonial issues. The tropical concomitants of excessive weather and characters make a garish background for the turbulence in motion.

Publisher: The Noonday Press