THE LAKE LOVERS by Geoffrey Wagner


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e's an aging, non-writing writer, dilettante-decadent--the kept man of his wife Carla; she's a post-nymphet, nineteen, American, and on the loose in the Italian lake country. He's in bad shape (an accident just after his marriage and a monastic regime- on doctor's orders); she's in fine shape, 38-22-38 and he's just the lecher to appreciate it--he's a great ""prattster"" with an eye for her ""planturous back"" or ""hieratic hips"". He's a word man in practically all languages and in three lines will toss off ""pellicular sentiment"" or ""isochronous constancy""; she's simpler linguistically, and her dialogue is dotted with ""Absotively"", ""terrif"" or even ""sitty-billies"" for that part of her anatomy which fascinates him. The affair once begun runs a degenerative course; the first ""kiss before dying"" is not fatal but the excesses are when they go off to Rome together, when she leaves him, and when he returns to Carla a ruined man.... You get the idea- this is an Italian Spanish fly- the prose is pulpy as well as polyglutted; and what is intended as a stimulant fails to incite, only irritates.

Publisher: Macmillan