THE PASSIONATE LAND by Geoffrey Wagner


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The author of Venables (1952) veers from the baroque to the violence of social and economic disorders in modern Mexico with British, Americans and Mexicans in constant conflict. There's the wasted but avid Sheila who finds deep contentment with Manuel, young Jean Madison and her alochol-submerged brother Stewart, Dodds and Wingate, partners in grandiose cement dealings, and the Pilgrims of Peace, projecting a species of terrorism, together with Communist imponderables -- and tangibles. Jean's American world is tossed aside when she becomes one of Pablo Guzman's mistresses and she attempts to save his life when she learns he is next to be killed after the British Ambassador. Her kidnapping takes her into drugged imprisonment and her escape from that lands her in a whorehouse from which she is rescued for transportation home.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1953
Publisher: Simon & Schuster