TIARA TAHITI by Geoffrey


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The Liara is to Tahi what the is to Hawaii (only it is worn behind the car and not the neck) and this stopoff there features a few ironic incidents, threatens the and the with the commercialism of a tourist trade which is not too on off. Among those present in this story are Joey, a ""randy"" yacht hand with a strong animal attraction for all girls and the native wife of Brett Almsley in particular; Brett likes the soft life rum and his Belie Annie; Belie Annie who is anxious to do away with her aging husband; Michael Walham, a young visitor; and Clifford Southey, once a customer's man, now an operator thinking of building a big luxury type hotel on . To Southley, Brett, whom he had once known- is a reminder of discomfort and humiliation, and again he is when circumstances implicate him in the attempt (Beile Annie's- along with a ) to murder him. The story, which is perhaps a little slow to get on its gains interest with the attempted crime, its aftermath, and the tables which are turned It is essentially light entertainment, and its moral is not much heavier, civilization is only a thin glaze.

Pub Date: May 24th, 1962
Publisher: Lippincott