SEAS, MAPS AND MEN by Geographical Projects Ed. by


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A handsome pictorial study, amplified by a succinct text, of man's struggle to explore and understand the sea from earliest times, when he ventured forth in a simple raft, until today when complex machinery lends vital assistance. Four major subdivisions, each sumptuously illustrated with maps of the visible ocean and the undersea, photographs, diagrams and paintings, tell the story. Man Against the Sea illuminates the efforts of Pytheas, Magelian, Cook, Nansen and Anderson of the Nautilus. Life in the Sea offers the layman an introduction to marine biology. Man Under the Sea describes the most significant underwater archaeological excavations. New Attack on the Sea runs the gamut on technical information -- topography, tides, waves, currents, etc. An appealing gift item with unique visual appeal, this should attract men and boys of all ages.

Publisher: Doubleday