SACRED SEXUALITY: Living the Vision of the Erotic Spirit by Georg Feuerstein

SACRED SEXUALITY: Living the Vision of the Erotic Spirit

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Here, Feuerstein (Holy Madness, 1991) tackles the spiritual potential of sex--comparing and contrasting motifs and practices from neolithic to neo-pagan times to conclude that we need to reconnect with the ancient experience of the energy of sex. ""Our civilization encourages us to neglect the lived body, even to ignore and deprecate it,"" writes Feuerstein. ""This dovetails with the Christian ideology that the body is corrupt and that we must therefore place our attention on the Eternal, the paradise beyond the finite human body and its concerns."" Feuerstein contrasts our disembodied, guilt-filled state with neolithic Goddess cults that purportedly encouraged--and worshipped--a magically potent, boundlessly creative female sexuality. Later in human history, he says, the spiritual power of sexuality was ritually enacted as the coupling of a god and a goddess-which evolved into the secret rites of Tantra. With the rise of the ""phallocracy"" of Greece, however, the lusty feminine part of the equation was, according to the author, lost--and with the triumph of Christianity, the essential experience of sex as sacred energy was utterly crushed in the West. Feuerstein takes heart in the magical-feminist neo-pagan movement and other ""body-positive"" efforts, but argues that an expansive vision of the divine in the ordinary is necessary to restore us fully to our senses. Only then, he says, can we experience sex as a vehicle of ""sacramental transcendence."" An innovative treatment, muddied slightly by Feuerstein's slack writing style and tendency to overstatement.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1992
Page count: 256pp
Publisher: Tarcher--dist. by St. Martin's