THE INTERPRETER'S BIBLE: Vol. II by George A. et al Buttrick
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No less than seven of the Old Testament books are included in the 1176 pages of this volume of the Interpreter's Bible. They are: Leviticus, Numbers, Dter, Joshua, Judges, Ruth and I and II Samuel. The pattern laid down in previously published volumes is followed: a background introduction to each book, the text in the A.V. and R.S.V. in parallel columns, with the exegesis and exposition given immediately beneath, verse by verse. As at least three of the books, Levitious, Numbers and Judges, are among the least read books of the Bible, the task of the contributers (especially the expositors) has not been easy. However, the high standard set in other volumes is fully maintained. The contributors include two British theologians, Profs. Micklem and John Marsh; and one Canadian, Prof. George B. Caird. The other are Americans with the Congregational, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian and denominations represented. It is difficult to imagine that any Protestant minister or religious leader would not want to purchase these invaluable volumes as they are issued, until he has the entire set.

Publisher: Abingdon-Cokesbury