KNOLL ISLAND by George Agnew Chamberlain


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Serialized in the SEP -- a competent, likeable young love story and anti-Ax adventure in a New Jersey backwoods community. Enos, whose wife is lonely after their three sons go off to sea, adopts Karry, 17-year-old tomboy, to take the place of Watt, their youngest. One son is killed, one blinded, while Walt comes back in between trips, no longer the soft spoken youngster he had been and definitely hostile towards Karry. Karry fights back, until the two of them, tracking down a poacher, stumble on Agin doings and eventually work together to net an enemy sub. And Karry realizes that Walt is her guy, rather than Dave, who also loved her. Rentals -- men and women.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill