THE MIRACLE AHEAD by George allup


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Dr. Gallup is paying tribute here to something which has served him well as a subject for scrutiny all his working life: the human brain. He believes, as must everyone who has studied the matter, that man has only begun to realize the potential of his most unique organ. In simple language designed for the broadest of reading publics, he first reviews the information available on human intellectual capacities, and then proceeds to a discussion of various improvements we might make in our educational facilities in order to better train our minds. While few of his suggestions are completely original, taken altogether they amount to a drastic revision of the present-day system. His third section, entitled ""The Potentialities of Collective Effort"", is a series of proposals for more effective use of our brain power to solve local and national problems; sections four and five delve deeper along the same lines, with ideas for harnessing the new intellectual tools, statistical reasoning and computers, to aid such efforts. ""Man is still young on the face of the earth,"" he says, and we have scarcely seen the beginning of all we can accomplish. His optimism is as infectious as it is sincere.

Pub Date: March 11th, 1964
Publisher: Harper & Row