TEAM WORK: A Picture Essay About Crews and Teams at Work by George Ancona

TEAM WORK: A Picture Essay About Crews and Teams at Work

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In a good crew, each individual becomes sensitive to the needs of his or her crew-mates, and when one has a problem, a partner is there to help."" With that bit of needless didacticism (as even the jacket copy notes, every kid who plays ball knows about teamwork), Ancona launches into word-and-picture explanations of the work of six disparate groups: mountain climbers, a drilling crew, a nursing team, a film crew, a pit crew, a fashion design team, a sailing crew. The presentation is as abstract and dry as a manual of instructions (""A climb begins with each climber tying one end of the climbing rope. . .""; ""At the beginning of each shift, [the head nurse] meets with the teams. . .""); no single effort is traced from beginning to end, that is, and nothing specific is accomplished. Much of the content is also highly technical (""When the kelly, the forty-foot steel section attached to top end of the drilling string, reaches the derrick floor, it is time to add another pipe"")--and pointlessly so for anyone not interested in that particular technology. It's a contrived theme, in short, carried through with little regard to the actual subject-matter or the audience.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1983
Publisher: Crowell