DOCTOR IN TURKEY by George B. Mair


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As a traveller in Istambul, Anatolia and the Black Sea coastal ports, this British physician came to know the Turkish people, their nation and their history. Naturally the history fascinated him (Byzantium, Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire and the modern nation of Kemal Ataturk); naturally the people were interesting, kind and friendly; naturally he is proud of his anti-touristic habits (special anti-honors awarded to American travellers). All of this is fairly indistinctive. Yet, because history, fact and legend are carefully interwoven with the actual travel experiences and observations on the political, social, and economic status of Turkey, the book does manage to convey an extensive and interesting portrait of the country. Despite the unwearying repetition of invective against guidebook, once-over tourism, what we have here is a fine and helpful guidebook, if at a more leisurely (British?) pace. For both the would-be and has-been traveller.

ISBN: 1153577003
Publisher: Roy