THE MOST WANTED by George Bagby


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When rich ""twerp"" Lansing Monroe is found murdered, gangland-style, his athletic-club acquaintance George Bagby again joins Inspector Schmidt (Homicide, NYPD) in the sleuthing. Was Lansing somehow connected with the mob? Apparently: two rival mobsters show up at the funeral, complete with anonymous gangster-style flower arrangements; after Bagby's apartment is ransacked, a letter from Lansing is found hidden in a book slipcase--pointing the finger at one of the mobsters (supplier of Lansing's cocaine). And Bagby himself is then kidnapped in succession by both mobsters. But there are also non-mob suspects around--the husband of Lansing's longtime mistress, for example--and Lansing's survivors include a crazy uncle and a kooky cousin, with neither the culprit nor the motive coming as much of a surprise. Middling Bagby overall, weak on mystery-plot but fairly lively and varied in the telling.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1983
Publisher: Doubleday