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Some assorted research and reports on those ""noisy spirits"", poltergeists, which are alternately contributed by Hereward Carrington, Founder of the American Psychical Institute, and Dr. Fodor, an analyst, who was formerly the research officer of the International Institute of Pyschical Research. Carrington's principal contribution here is a chronology of some 375 cases in which poltergeists were reported and recorded, of which 26 were fraudulent, 19 doubtful, but the main body of evidence lends support to the possibility and probability of these apport phenomena. Dr. Fodor applies pyschonalytic insights and techniques to his discussion of certain cases, in particular that of the hysteric Mrs. Forbes (a disassociation of personality) and the Bell Witch in the 19th century, in which John Bell was persecuted and eventually poisoned by his poltereist (his daughter Betsy)... An interesting merger of scientific investigation and speclation- for a field which has a marked- if defined- fascination.

Pub Date: Dec. 26th, 1951
Publisher: Dutton