I LOVE HER, THAT'S WHY! by George Burns


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One half of Burns and allen tells how both halves live and sets the story in the frame of his own life. From the forcing house of the lower East Side, Nathan Birnbaum was dedicated to show business, could not be stopped from singing and dancing, appearing whenever and wherever he could, with one or more partners; regular jobs were bugbears; the road, one night stands and touring had more appeal. There were strings of acts, routines and never but never that touch of success until there was Gracie -- and Burns and Allen clicked. Gracte got the lines, Burns played straight and the road was up, from ""disappointment"" (replacement) acts to the small big time, to the Palace, radio, moving pictures and TV. They were popular abroad; Gracie looked for her lost brother; she ran for President; they adopted two children; they changed their act to fit their lives; and they are commendable as entertainers and people. George writes warmly, admiringly and happily about his partner-wife and spins his story with Burns and Allen humor. A nice, light fingered job.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster