MY TIME, MY LIFE by George Camden


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Hardly a novel -- but rather a recreation of that grim period of ""blood, toil, sweat and tears"" in which London sweated out the war. It is a story of a romance at its fullest, when shared dangers made the six years simply a prelude to love fulfilled; when Billy gritted his teeth and went through the day at the armament works, in order to get home to Pat and baby Kathie, even if the night meant a crowded shelter, bombs, flames, noise. Night shift was the hardest, for imagination pictured what Pat was facing-alone with the baby. It is a story of comradeship between Bill and Curly, -- a story of the tentacles of the Communist dream, or the Socialist plan, superimposing themselves on the men who found unionization not enough against the capitalist grab. It is a story of the little people, underfed, underpaid, underprivileged, in London's slums -- and of the bigness of those little people underfire. The story ends with Bill facing the grim reality of life without Pat and Kathie, work the only sedative, even Curly's return worse than problematical. Well done- but not keyed to a market today. An author to watch.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday