THE GETTING GAME by George Daniels


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Lots of chutzpah and a little bit of luck'll get you to the scene on time -- of disasters, wrecks -- just like an ambulance chaser. What you'll be looking for is the grand piano the fire hasn't consumed, or the boat the storm tossed ashore, stuff the owners are too dazed to bargain over and might even think you're doing them a favor to take it off their hands. And if you're a real scavenger, there's also the town dump where you can pick up odds and ends to furnish that white elephant of an estate you're renting for less than the price of a studio apartment because places like that don't turn over overnight (or turn up for that matter), in front of which you've parked the Rolls you walked into a showroom and got for free simply by asking. And don't forget the wrecking yards where nifty things like mismatched door knobs are to be found, real conversation pieces like that. Better than stealing. . . but is it living?

Pub Date: July 17th, 1974
Publisher: Harper & Row