THE RULING PASSION by George de Mare


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Succeeding The Empire (1956) this second novel is again a smooth swivel chair operation which tells of Mel Mitchell, forty odd, still compensating for his father's feckless failure- chasing that ""one big thing, whatever it may be"" even if it kills him which it seems as if it might- he has a bad heart. As a member of Basic Research Associates (management consultants), his most visionary project is tested- and his job jeopardized- when he draws up a program for a crumbling company, Transcontinental, goes to Texas to be named its President but still faces the opposition of the old man at its head. The past is filled in and brushed off; his marriage to Caroline- in spite of the more alluring, ambitious Lili who drifts in and out of his life; other women who have encroached-for a time; but no one can stop him in the drive which now culminates in the reorganization program for Transcontinental, the victory won which will also serve as his release.... That corporate merger of sex and success- this has its book value for the Howard Swiggett audience and is certainly marketable at a rental level.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1958
Publisher: Putnam