JOMO KENYATTA by George Delf


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The story of Jomo Kenyatin of Kenya is as exciting and strange as any fictional mystery. A mou more than a man, nearly 70 years of age, Kenyatta is scheduled for possible release from imprisonment this year. The mystery lies in the dual nature of the here who spent years, from to 1945, as an erudite anthropologist in England, and then long after his return to Africa appeared as the front of the wild Mau Mau movement with its ""killing "". George Delf probes the mystery of the man, which is closely akin to the strange nature of the Kikiyn people of Kenya who have been both friendly and violently hostile, and who turned that way- perhaps- from the clumsy, insensitive treatment of while settlers. Mr. Delf's book is short and more illuminating accounts may yet be written to bring Kenyatia to life, but every page is important and interesting.

Publisher: Doubleday