WHEN GREEK MEETS GREEK by George Demetrios


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A series of vignettes, of Greeks and more Greeks, whether at home in mountain towns of Macedonia or in America, that reflect the character and thought of the author's people. There are short episodes, brief character sketches, long conversation pieces, memoirs; there is the humor of the folk tale; there is the sentiment of the emigrant; the pity of poverty, want and battle; there is the kaleidoscopic review of the many Greek characteristics. From tales of sculptor, miller, graveyard tender, poet-blacksmith, Turk and gypsy, Albanian brigands, to Greek-Americans when as cooks they become gamblers, as peddlers they buy moving picture theatres, as waiters they confound with their scholarship, as dishwashers they provide for a son's medical education, as fellow roomers they outwit each other, as kitchen help they outsmart themselves. Character sketches and short stories, these combine to make real the interplay of personality and nationality, the qualities of the Greek at home and abroad. In no sense a war book- or even one that grew out of the war, but a book that- with Greece in the news, should help readers understand the Greeks better. Decorative chapter headings by the author.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1947
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin