JOSHNA MOORE: American Caps by George F. Hummel

JOSHNA MOORE: American Caps

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A panorama of 300 years of Joshua Moores and American history. The first came to Connecticut, then to Long Island, from England; held his own against Indians, scandal, his wife and his community. On to a descendant, Westward bound, who was forced to stop over in a Moravian colony in Pennsylvania and found a Swedish wife there. The outbreak of the Civil War found a Joshua Moore upholding the law in Kansas against his family's opposition. A Joshua Moore of the last war, who married a French Canadian nurse, in his ancestor's Long Island town, took her to California where they bucked the Moore tribe as long as they could, then returned to Long Island with plans for a new industry. Lastly his son, determined to have no part of his father's empire, who becomes the partner of a Pole in a trucking business, and straightens out with the advent of this war and his father's death. A highlighting of the Joshuas that express the American feeling of their periods in politics, labor, economics, in marriage and family life - -attempting, in a large span, to define how and why Americanism has been evolved. Accents on human and historic drama clearly define the successive line and make this thoroughgoing family portrait interesting from various angles, and seldom stuffy.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1943
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran