IS RELIGION ENOUGH? by George F. Tittman


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We can see all around us these days plenty of religiousness, -- but the Christian stuff in it is drying up."" In this direct fashion, at some length and in considerable depth, the Rev. George F. Tittman, rector of the Church of the Holy Spirit, Lake Forest, Lillnois, spells out the dire straits man is in as he makes his pseudo-popular religion to its pitiful best to serve him in lieu of the real, biblically-centered Christian faith. He is convinced that the rediscovery of the Bible's total view of religion is the single most important human hope of the world. This is no matter for private study, however, but group exploration, for God works through people. If the reader is not put off by the hard hitting approach which impatiently permits no alternative, he is likely to find his own ""religion"" not only challenged, but battered and bruised. But his grasp on the eternal truths of life will be stronger for this trial by rapid fire. It's a good book for any Christian.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1962
Publisher: Seabury