SUDDENLY: The American Idea A broad and at Home 19 by George F. Will

SUDDENLY: The American Idea A broad and at Home 19

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A collection of Will's Washington Post syndicated columns from the past four years. The "American idea," Will says; is thriving overseas but is "less than triumphal" in its homeland. The first batch of columns here--arranged thematically--covers the history and status of American-inspired freedom and democracy in other lands, explored with Will's customary passion and wit. The second batch, of a darker hue, explores topics as diverse as George Bush (the "pastel president") and the Rolling Stones ("When in blasting overdrive. . .Mick Jagger looks alarmingly invertebrate, like an eel being electrocuted")--all warning bells, Will finds, of a moral turpitude creeping over our land. For barbed, moral, conservative political commentary, Will has few peers--as this excellent roundup attests.

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1990
ISBN: 02-934435-2
Publisher: Free Press
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