BEHOLD VIRGINIA! by George F. Willison


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The author of has now turned his remarkable scholarly and narrative talents to a companion epic of early American history -- the story of Virginia Colony from its first permanent white settlement to the gathering of burgesses at Williamsburg in 1776 which broke away from the crown and cast the colony's fortunes with Washington's army. Mr. Willison strips the mythological accoutrements away from such figures as the proud, wily old chief Powhatan, his daughter Pocahontas, or Little Wanton who triumphed in England before an untimely death, Captain John Smith, soldier of fortune but the only one of the London Company's men in Jamestown who loved Virginia and regarded it as something more than an easy place to make a fortune. The story continues on in detail to tell of the ruinous mismanagement at Jamestown, the various Indian attacks that time and again nearly wiped out the white population; of Sir William Berkeley whose failure as governor led to Bacon's Rebellion; and of the Colony's part in the French and Indian Wars. This is a book worthy of the same shelf as the recent of Plymouth by Bradford Smith (Lippincott-P. 506)

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1951
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace