DARING SEA WARRIOR by George Fielding Eliot


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With emphasis on his naval career rather than personal aspects of his life, this book is in keeping with the recent tribute paid Franklin Buchanan when a guided missile destroyer was named in his honor. How the daring sea warrior warranted this salute can be seen in the course of his career which began under the skilled tutelage of Captain Perry and the Mediterranean Squadron. After a round of pirate chasing, Buchanan was assigned the task of preventing the infiltration of supplies to Mexicans during the Mexican War. His plan of training seamen in land tactics was an instrumental fact or in ending that war. Later he sailed the Asiatic waters and participated in Perry's famous initiation of contact with Japan. On an administrative level, Buchanan was the first Superintendent of the Annapolis Academy. Perhaps the name Franklin Buchanan is best known in connection with the Civil War. As Admiral of the Confederate States Navy he fought for what he believed -- against the country he had served. The author describes Buchanan's reliance on strategy, his original plans of attack and defense with accuracy. For the male audience -- preferably the sealegs variety.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Messner