CHURCHES OF OLD NEW ENGLAND by George Francis Marlowe


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As the sub-title indicates, this book deals with the architecture and architects, the pastors and the people of the churches of old New England. This should be a fascinating book for architects and churchmen and for all others who treasure the cultural values of our early history. There should be plus sale in travel book departments, and among regional books. Don't overlook these angles. Included in the are such famous church buildings as Old South, Old North and Kings' Chapel in Boston, and those in Wayland, Framingham, Mendon, Shrewsbury, Lancaster, Groton, Newport and Old Lyme and other churches in Connecticut, Vermont and Maine. This quotation with which the book closes indicates why this book should have a wide appeal: ""It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of systematic study of the priceless and every-diminishing treasures of the past. For to study is to acquire appreciation, and to appreciate is to realize the paramount obligation of preserving with most pulous care that which has come down to us, in order to hand on this precious intact to posterity. Foremost among reporsit of antiquity are the fabrics and fittings of our historic parish churches, venerable and lovely still in spite of the many devastating changes that have swept over them.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1947
Publisher: Macmillan