THE NEW ANTIQUES by George Grotz


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Jovial furniture dealer-refinisher (The Furniture Doctor- 1962) George Grotz offers a practical guide to Victorian furniture- available at ""country auctions"" and ""out of the city"" antique shops, although the vogue is certainly bringing them into the city in every station wagon. Whatever its origins (probably more price and availability than just because they remind ""us all of days gone by""), many people are buying oaken sinks and washstands and platform rockers. Mr. Grotz is not one to single out their aesthetic limitations, but provides a basic inventory of the various styles, from Hitchcock chairs and cottage furniture to Rococo and Art Nouveau. Prices- what you should pay for them- are indicated along with rough line illustrations of the different pieces and accessories, and there is further information on how to refinish, and on the antique business in general. As he says, for ""we ordinary folk"" since this is the only kind of antique furniture we ""ever see for sale and can afford to buy"".

Publisher: Doubleday